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Mount Baldy Institute--Resonant and Remote Viewing Training Courses
"Tap Into Your Natural Superpowers and Access Your Hidden Intelligence . . ."

Now, you can learn the real secrets of resonant viewing. For years these techniques have been kept hidden from the public. But now, this wisdom is available to you and we'll teach you everything the so-called "remote viewing gurus" don't want you to know. You can get started immediately! Just fill out the livejasmin form below and you'll get a link to my latest resonant instruction videos full of tips and techniques for tapping into your hidden subconscious powers. I'm giving you my best information with nothing held back. This online "Mini-RV" class contains everything need to get started: it's remote and it's FREE. Let's get started! Sign up now . . .

Please go to the viewing targets page to see sessions by students and advanced viewers.
Click here for the Institute RV class streamate brochure. Find out how to have an RV class in your area.

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Resonant Viewing 101--Discover Your Higher Potential